We Don’t Always Blog, But When We Do…

Norse Sound Creative’s previous blogs have always been about our services and focused on being informational and educational. Web Design, Web Security, Mobile Apps, Online Marketing- you name it. Yes, this is what we do as a full-service digital marketing agency, but we are a small business ourselves focused on not only building our brand and awareness but primarily the brand and awareness for our clients. I wanted to take a little time with this post just to re-introduce us as we hit a year and half in business and reflect on where we are and where we are going.

We officially launched in July of 2017 and as most businesses need to, we focused directly on business, our clients and providing our services. Unfortunately, as with every business out there, resources are always limited and must be managed accordingly to need and goals. At the time, that was it. We focused on our brand some, but most resources and efforts were placed on working our existing clients projects as well as business development. Building our brand via social media, blogging, traveling to events was on the radar but not a top priority. Of course, we did engage in each but not to level we expected and needed. We are now at the point in time where we have established short term goals and long-term strategies. The time is now to start balancing resources across all spectrums of the business focusing on not only our clients growth but ours as well.

I plan to continue to educate with blogs regarding our services offered but I also plan to post blogs just about business, life, travels and the overall journey of being a small business owner in this day. As the owner of Norse Sound Creative, I balance family life with career as most people do. Taking some time to reflect on that via creative writing is an outlet I plan to pursue. We have built a team at Norse Sound Creative of highly skilled developers, marketers and graphic designers. My role in all this ranges from being a customer service representative, project manager, creative thinker, strategist, business operations manager, copywriter, designer etc. etc. I.e. a small business owner. A jack of all trades and a master of none as some might say. I highly enjoy the engagement and collaboration with our clients and helping them draw on their own creativity and needs to come up with new digital solutions for their businesses. Whether it be a creative website redesign that brings out new capability or business efficiency tools for an established firm or a from scratch marketing plan focused on branding, web design, advertising and so on for an emerging company. I enjoy it all, the customer service, the creative, the collaboration, the strategy, all of it. Working in marketing is a treat because it does allow you to call on your entrepreneurial spirit to inspire ideas and innovative solutions all by being resource friendly and value based.

We enjoy working with clients from many different industries. We aspire to target and work with businesses and organizations across the board ranging from non-profit and government organizations to e-commerce, to service related. I have found there is so much to learn from people and engaging with them about their business, industry, needs, road blocks etc. Yes, our focus is more on the digital brand and marketing efforts but that has not stopped us from helping wherever we can. We are a marketing firm with the majority of our focus on the digital brand but with such a diverse background in our team, we can bring much more to our clients than that. We will continue to learn, engage and grow with each of our current and future clients.

End State, business relationships are no different than personal relationships. Value them, treat them with respect and there will be mutual successes, failures, lessons learned and a continued path towards greatness. With much of our time engaged in content and copy for clients we will not blog often but when we do, you can count on personal engagement, some education, some retrospect and overall gratitude for the opportunity to serve.

Stay tuned for our next post about our upcoming trip to South Dakota! Visiting and working with clients, spending time in the wild, you name it, we will do it!

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