Payment Policy

Norse Sound Creative is a service oriented small business that strives to provide exceptional customer service and support to our client base. Since we provide non-tangible services (digital marketing services in the form of content, graphics design, web design, etc.) we must have a clear policy in place regarding payments collected.

Payments are typically collected in the form of a deposit payment (50% of project total cost) then a final payment of the remaining balance when a project is completed. These payments are non-refundable and non-negotiable. Norse Sound Creative provides all deliverables to the client which are 100% client owned, these services provided are based on quoted hourly rates to complete said work, therefore all payments are not able to be refunded in any matter regardless of the situation.

WordPress Hosting Payments are paid in advance annually and are non-refundable regardless of cancellation. 

Norse Sound Creative always seeks to provide 100% client satisfaction, if the output is not up to client expectation, we will continue to work to make it right within project scope. Anything that falls outside of project scope is quoted at an additional hourly rate. Clients who refuse to accept deliverables are still obligated to fulfill payment obligations, no refunds are authorized or granted in any case.

Thank you for the understanding and support.

Norse Sound Creative, LLC