Enhance your company’s performance with Norse Sound Creative add-on services.

It is essential for any company to conduct system monitoring and evaluation consistently. This is why aside from the four main services that we highlighted, we also have additional offers that will improve your website’s current and future performance. If you run or manage a website for your business, you will want to look into how our add-on services can assist your operations.


Our add-on services take care of keeping your online presence at optimal performance and supporting your local staff as your enterprise moves forward. Not only do we have specific packages that can help monitor and evaluate your websites, we also have various dedicated talents ready to take care of diverse client needs. We have a ready roster of specialists who can lend technical support or help you manage projects.


Norse Sound Creative offers the Standard Maintenance Package and the Premium Maintenance Package. The Standard Maintenance Package runs inspections and updates for your website. The Premium Maintenance Package, on the other hand, provides website modifications, graphic elements, and image optimizations. Additionally, we also have a team of dedicated graphic designers and online marketing specialists who can directly serve and be part of your workforce as needed.



Make sure that your operations are monitored and maintained regularly. Benefit from Norse Sound Creative’s add-on services now!


Make the best investment for your business.

Standard Maintenance

  • $36.00 per month
  • One hour of website maintenance
  • Inspection and updating of website
  • Website modifications
  • Update CMS releases
  • Update plugin releases
Premium Maintenance
Call for Quote

  • Price based on client objectives
  • Website modifications
  • Graphics design
  • Image optimizations

No upselling, no hidden charges. Just clear, honest, and straightforward.

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