Washington State Emergency Management Division Web App

Client Background and Vision:
Washington is earthquake country. The Washington State Department of Emergency Management knows that earthquakes have occurred here in the past, and will occur again, but what can you expect when the ground shakes? We can anticipate what magnitude an earthquake will have, but the shaking intensity, or strength you experience from that earthquake varies widely based on factors like how far away from the earthquake you are, what type of soil or rock is beneath you, what type of building you are in, and more. Knowing what to expect is an important part of knowing how to get prepared for earthquake hazards in Washington, this website incorporates these tools and features to visually represent what to expect from an earthquake based on intensity and location.

Project Scope:
This was a full-service website project that included graphic design/ user interface design, web application development, and full website build. The website and internal web apps were built in WordPress.

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